Summer Fruits are here!

Date published: Monday, December 16, 2013     Author: Lance R.     Comments: 0

At Maloneys Grocer we love nothing more than seeing colourful rows of fresh, luscious mangoes, berries, apricots, cherries and more.  We all know they are the perfect, healthy and delicious snack on their own, but what other ways can you enjoy them?

Summer punch

There is nothing nicer on a glorious, sunny day then sharing a big punch bowl of refreshing punch.  For the kiddies a fruity, fizzy punch that will make the kids feel special and will have considerably less sugar than juice boxes.  For the adults you can make a more sophisticated version with lots of fruit swimming in juice or soda water, with tons of ice and mint. The more fresh fruit the better and a real retro wow factor at your next party this summer.

Kids – naughty & nice

At all kids parties and Christmas parties there is always lots of naughty treats but you can also try to slyly add some healthy choices.  The classic fruit skewers with a vibrant variety of fruit; strawberries, peaches and grapes with a few marshmallows thrown in are always a hit.  You can also try dipping strawberries in some rich white or milk chocolate, a treat for little kids and big kids too! 



And don’t forget if you have some fruits getting close to their used by date, don’t throw them out, freeze them and use them later to make a yummy bread, muffins or fruit juice.

We hope you enjoy our favourite fruit season as much as we do and we look forward to seeing you in-store soon.


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