Date published: Monday, November 30, 2015     Author: Joanna M.     Comments: 0

Aaaahh, Peaches! Technically know as The Prunus persica. The sweet smell, the fuzzy coral coloured skin and juicy flesh is fruit perfection. Nothing spells Summer more than the arrival of this delicious stone fruit. Originating from North China and belonging to the same family as cherries, apricots, almonds and plums. This week everything is just "Peachy".

How to pick:

Choose peaches that are heavy for their size and have a vibrant tone and colour. Avoid peaches with bruises or blemishes. Peaches get sweeter and juicer as they ripen. Peaches are ready to eat if they give a little when you squeeze them. 

How to store:

If you buy peaches that are still hard then place them in a fruit bowl at room temperature to ripen. if they are ready to eat when you buy them store peaches in the fridge until you are ready to eat them.


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