Grilled Pink Ladies

Date published: Monday, August 31, 2015     Author: Joanna M.     Comments: 0

These grilled and chunky Pink Lady Apples will easily earn their place on the dinner table. A perfect accompaniment to any roast meat dish.


5 small pink lady apples

1 tablespoon of butter

A drizzle of honey

Olive oil


In a heavy based saucepan heat the butter and add a small dash of oil. Cut apples width ways. Lightly season flesh with salt and pepper. Place the apple slices face down in a saucepan. Allow to cook for a couple of minutes on a medium heat. Drizzle the honey around the apples on the base of the saucepan. Gently move apples around, check the base of the apples and when golden brown turn over and allow to cook for a further 3 minutes. If you choose to use a griddle, brush apples on the flesh side with melted butter and honey before placing on heat. Repeat this halfway through the cooking phase.

This recipe is also just as nice with the honey omitted and with fennel seeds added to the pan instead.


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