Acha Cha

Date published: Monday, February 22, 2016     Author: Joanna M.     Comments: 0

Originating from the basin of the Amazon jungle these ilttle tropical delights are now being succesfully cultivated in Queensland. They have a short season and will be available for the next couple of weeks only.

Delicious, refreshing, exotic and tangy is the best way to sum them up!

They are refreshing to eat at ambient temperature, but even more stunning when served cold or even frozen. There is a fine balance between its sweetness and its acidity, creating a unique taste sensation. It has an exotic appeal similar to the mangosteen, longan, rambutan and lychee. Although the Achacha is a cousin of the mangosteen which is known as the “queen of tropical fruit” throughout Asia, it has less than half of the sugar content which gives it that special unique tanginess.

Best way to eat them is to pinch the outer skin and then peel the skin away once it pops.


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